Flooding from Skykomish River, May Creek soaks families in Gold Bar

GOLD BAR, Wash. -- Skykomish River was under a flooding warning through late Tuesday night. The river crested at 17.1 feet Tuesday morning, above the 15-foot flood stage. National Weather Service expected waters to recede that same day.

May Creek flows into the Skykomish river. The creek was flooded by Wallace River and spilled into a neighborhood in Gold Bar.

Jeff McHeffy didn’t notice damage to his home, but the land around it was all underwater from the flooded May Creek. He had to walk through his yard very carefully since the creek was located in his backyard.

“One more step down here, you go down about a foot, and then another foot, then another foot and then you get dropped in,” said McHeffy. “You can see where the logs floated up. There was a lot of water flowing through here.”

Some of his neighbors said they were concerned about the high waters causing damage to their properties.

“I hope not. I’d hate to see a trailer get ruined,” said Orville E. Wetzel, who lived in the flooded Gold Bar neighborhood.

“This is not unusual. About every six or seven years it will come up like this,” said McHeffy. “If you know it’s coming. I mean, they forecasted it.”

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    Big rapids rushed through the flooded Skykomish River. Elaine Mung said it looked much different than the last time she visited the river with friends traveling from China.

    “We just walked to that tree days before, but the water is here now,” said Mung.

    National Weather Service said some roads in communities between Index and Sultan would be flooded. First responders strongly advised people not to drive through high waters.