Frieghthouse Square: The future 'Amshack?'

TACOMA --Tacoma's Amtrak station is moving to Freighthouse Square in a few years, and the historic building could lose its look completely if a design transformation is approved.

According to The Tacoma News Tribune, residents got a first look at the proposed designs Monday .. and had one word to describe it: "Amshack."

The 104-year-old building is made of wood, and to bring it up to code while staying cost-effective, it could be re-crafted out of steel, and glass.

While the remodel is meant to 'rejuvenate' the Freighthouse Square building and bring more vibrancy to the Dome neighborhood, local residents say the design renderings lack creativity.

Amtrak could start operating out of Freighthouse Square in 2017, which would cut down train travel to Portland by about 6 minutes. It's part of an $800 million state-wide transportation package, $89 million of which are expected to be spent in Pierce County.