Here are some ways to educate your kids at home during 6-week coronavirus closure

SEATTLE - Gov. Jay Inslee's Friday order means 1.2 million students in Washington will now be home. It’s the new normal and a sobering reality as parents scramble to deal with the 6-week closure.

“Take a deep breath,” parent Jennifer Dennis said.

Dennis knows the value of a good education at home.

“There are tons of resources online that parents can use and they don’t have to pay money,” Dennis said.

Dennis homeschools her 11-year-old daughter Sydney; her experience is something all parents can now tap into.

"During this time period make it fun, try to incorporate a lesson in everything you do,” Dennis said.

First, make up a schedule with your child.

“We are going to have school learning time from 9 to 12 and we are going to have free time the rest of the day figure out what works best for your family,” Dennis said.

One learning site Dennis recommends is

The non-profit on its website says their mission is to provide a free world-class education.

Another good resource is, where you can print out worksheets for specific grades.

“Take it one day at a time, don’t stress about what your kids are forgetting or not forgetting or if you are doing it right, there are people out there in the same boat as you,” Dennis said.

Dennis also recommends reaching out to other parents on social media for fresh and creative ideas.

Also don’t forget to check your school district’s website because they will be announcing new ways to educate your kids.