Human remains found near White Center could be tied to case of missing woman

WHITE CENTER -- Human remains have been discovered in the woods near White Center and could be tied to a larger investigation for a missing woman. Detectives are investigating it as a possible homicide.

The remains were found in the woods behind an apartment complex in the Top Hat neighborhood.

"People who live around here, we have kids, and we have to be concerned about that," said Andrea Vielle, a neighbor who saw the crime scene pop up right next to her home.

"We didn’t know nothing about it but it scares me because my kids are always playing down there."

Acting on a tip, detectives searched the wooded area that neighbors say has long been an illegal dump site.

The King County Sheriff’s Office confirms the discovery of the female body is related to a recent search of an abandoned home and yard in nearby Burien.

"Several different sources said there had been a female who had been beat up and murdered in that yard," said sheriff's Sgt. DB Gates. "We did search that yard, and didn’t find anything. Detectives have continued to follow up leads and that’s what led them to this location."

The victim may be a transient woman who goes by the name of Shelly or "Marshmellow," Gates said.

Now it's up to the Medical Examiner's Office to determine her identity and how she was killed.