Hundreds flood Cal Anderson Park for Anti-Trump rally and community forum

SEATTLE-- It has been five days since the presidential election, but the protests have continued through the country, including in the Puget Sound.

Hundreds gathered at Cal Anderson Park in Capitol Hill on Sunday for an anti-Trump rally. There was also a post-election community forum planned at V2 in Capitol Hill that reached full capacity and overflowed into Cal Anderson Park.

Singing set the tone for the anti-Trump rally, as did the signs and the chants from hundreds of people.

Heather Firestone and Alyssa Pinkerton sweetened the experience as they gave away free cookies, saying they may accept a Trump presidency, but they aren’t done making their voices heard.

“We want him to hear us; we want him to hear our concerns and make America love again,” said Pinkerton.

But love wasn’t the only emotion being shared at the rally.

“You make me puke, and you’re going to have projectile vomit on your glasses in a minute,” said Thomas Allen to Avery Hufford, a Trump supporter. Hufford says he showed up at the rally to offer free hugs.

“I wanted people to know that I love all kinds of people, and I want people to feel safe and if these people do feel scared, that I want them to make sure that someone who is a Trump supporter wants to make sure that they feel safe,” said Hufford.

Trump supporter or not, families say they are bringing their children to participate in a political process they say ultimately affects us all.

“He’s in sixth grade and people are talking about it, and I think it’s really great that kids are understanding a little bit and trying to make sense of what’s going on and see what a trump presidency will mean for our country,” said Carolyn Cunningham, who brought her son to the rally.