Hundreds of Sounders fans welcome home team, new MLS Cup Champions

SEATTLE, Wash. -- The Sounders are back home Sunday night after winning the MLS cup, the team’s first time in its history. Hundreds of fans awaited their arrival to give the champs a welcome home they deserve.

City of Seattle leaders and Sounders officials are hammering out the details of the parade and expect to have an announcement by Monday afternoon. Organizers to expect the parade will begin mid-day and give fans another chance to celebrate this historic win.

Fans used Sunday’s celebration as a preview of what is to come on Tuesday for the parade.

Some got so excited they couldn’t contain their screams of joy or their tears. 

 “I’m so emotional, it’s just I’m so happy and it’s been so long. They tried so hard,” said Nancy Cooper of Beacon Hill, who cried as she saw the team. The players continued to interact with fans by signing autographs and letting them touch the MLS cup.

 While this homecoming rally was really for Seattle’s newest champions, it was the team who chose to make it about their fans.

“On behalf of all of the players, of the ownership group, all of the ownership, thank you; thank you very much; you guys deserve this,” said Brian Schmetzer, the Sounders Head Coach.