Hunky Hawk: QB Wilson featured in men's magazine

Courtesy Ben Watts/GQ

SEATTLE -- Yeah, us Seattleites always knew he was a hunk.

Now, the world will get a good look.

Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson is featured in the September issue of GQ. The star -- who led the team to its second preseason victory Saturday -- talks with GQ's reporter about his playoff loss to the Falcons, tells us why the Seahawks/49ers rivalry is the best in the NFL, why the CLink is the loudest place to play in the NFL and how he plans to follow up his incredible rookie season.

"Seattle's reputation of being the loudest place in the NFL is definitely true," Wilson said in the interview. "It's even loud for me on game days, and sometimes I can't even hear the plays."

Wilson joins other big-name quarterbacks Robert Griffin III and Colin Kaepernick in an issue that spotlights the upcoming NFL season. Griffin is featured on the cover.

Wilson also looks good in some fisherman's sweater duds. As GQ quips:

"Ernest Hemingway made the fisherman's sweater famous, but now contemporary designers are making it less, well "Old Man and the Sea."

The issue hits newsstands Tuesday. Here is a link to the full magazine feature.

Courtesy Ben Watts/GQ