I-405 and SR 167 tolling: Maximum rates to increase to $15 starting March 1

Drivers on I-405 and SR 167 will start paying more to travel in the express toll lanes starting Friday, March 1. 

The toll rate changes will increase the maximum rate to $15 and the minimum toll to $1. Additionally, it will extend evening tolling and peak hour HOV policies by one hour, until 8 p.m.

This comes after the Washington State Transportation Commission voted 5-1 last January to increase the maximum rate. 

The commission will review the performance of the toll lanes in the corridor and set rates with the goal of maintaining speed and reliability during peak travel times as required under current law. 

WSDOT data showed that both I-405 and SR 167 toll lanes have continued to fail to meet a target performance rate of 45 mph during 90% of the peak travel times.

SR 167 is only meeting the criteria half of the time, while I-405 has issues with the morning commute, especially on the southbound lanes.