Iron Maiden criticizes security for use of violence during Tacoma concert

TACOMA, Wash. – Some heavy metal fans who saw the Iron Maiden concert at the Tacoma Dome Thursday night say the show turned ugly after the band’s frontman complained security viciously assaulted a fan.

Tacoma police say the fan was unruly and was later arrested.

The incident was captured on many cell phone cameras and also spurred a large police response just in case the crowd got out of control.

“The first time I saw them was 1985 in Long Beach Arena and I’ve liked them ever since,” said fan Tara Wickenburg.

But during the show, attention turned to the floor after the band’s frontman called out what he believes was unnecessary violence.

“I’ve been to a lot of concerts and usually it's one or two security taking care of an unruly fan or whatever, this was larger,” said Wickenburg.

Tara says she didn’t see the incident; her cellphone camera didn’t either, but the musicians on stage did.

“We’ve got an unnamed fan backstage that’s had the **** kicked out of him by 10 security guards,” said Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson.

But a different camera caught even more of the incident. Video appears to show a fan throw a punch at security guards, who throw even more in return.

The incident frustrated the band.

“I hope that kid takes this building to the ******* cleaners,” said Dickinson, which drew cheers from the crowd.

“Some people should lose their job and the venue and security company be held accountable for what had happened,” said Wickenburg.

But the Tacoma Dome says security heard multiple complaints about an overly aggressive individual in the crowd and when guards tried to intervene the fan attacked them.

The fan was arrested by Tacoma Police and cited for assault.

The Tacoma Dome insists its facility is renowned as a safe and fun venue, but Wickenburg thinks the security guards should act with more restraint.

“Security in this case need to be mindful with how they’re treating citizens,” she said. “They’re not above the law.”

In an unrelated incident, Tacoma Police say another fan was arrested for assaulting a security guard.

Tacoma police also swarmed the Tacoma Dome after the concert to help quell any other issues, but other than the two assaults they made no other arrests.

A request for comment from Iron Maiden’s press contact was not immediately returned.