Kids' food bank overwhelmed by demand in Kitsap County: 'We shouldn't see any children go hungry'

KITSAP COUNTY, Wash. -- Once a week, a small group of volunteers fills hundreds of backpacks with food.

Kitsap Food Backpacks for Kids makes sure children who rely on free meals at school have enough to eat on the weekends.

The nonprofit serves 18 schools in the Central Kitsap School District, and the need has more than quadrupled in two years, from 37 kids a week to 200.

Each child gets a 5-pound bag of food, enough to feed a family of four.

At $40 per month, the demand is really adding up, and the group has been forced to cap the program at 200 students, even though thousands qualify.

There are 36 weeks left in the school year, but this group refuses to give up, and that is a vital ingredient in this recipe.

Now, the group hopes local businesses will sponsor a backpack which costs about $300 a year.

But anyone can help. You can get more information on the program by clicking here.