King County rivers stopping cars and creeping up to homes

DUVALL -- Flooding in parts of Northeast King County is creeping into homes and stopping cars in their tracks.

Car after car forced to turn around at NE 124th St at W. Snoqualmie Valley Rd due to feet of standing water.

Street like this across the area are forcing people to take the long way home, and some who tried to brave these waters didn't make it at all Natalie Parvin had to abandon her car after water rose past her tires NE Tolt Hill Rd.

"It wouldn't back up. It pulled me into the side of the road and I thought OK I'm not going to try to go anywhere I'm just gonna stop my car and walk the other way," Parvin said.

It's not just cars that need protecting from Snoqualmie River flooding the day after the wettest Halloween in record.

Neighbors in Carnation lined their homes with sandbags to keep the water out.
Getting around town is rough for some who have to navigate past all the closed roads.

"It takes more time because you have to go around," Bill Petitjean explained on his way home. "From here on North you can't cross the river because the bridges are underwater but the roads that approach them are underwater."

The water is not going to recede overnight, so it's important to obey the signs during your morning commute.