Officers capture black bear wandering around Lakewood

(City of Lakewood)

Officers captured a black bear Wednesday morning that was seen roaming around Lakewood.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) responded after reports of a bear in the area of 47th Avenue Southwest and Lila Lane Southwest. 

As the bear was wandering around the neighborhood, Hope Academy was put on lockdown to keep students inside and safe. 

When officers arrived, the bear was in a tree. 

Lakewood black bear

(Lakewood Police Department)

The bear was tranquilized and captured by WDFW officers, who later tagged the animal and plan to relocate it.

The city of Lakewood wanted to remind the community that black bears are rare in the area and occasionally they will wander in. 

Lakewood black bear

(Lakewood Police Department)

To limit interactions with wildlife, officials advised people to not leave bird feeders, pet food or garbage outside, especially right now when bears are looking for food. 


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