Leap Day 2024: Deals you can snag in Seattle, Puget Sound area

It’s that time, again: Just about every four years (but not quite), the Western calendar adds a day – Feb. 29 – in what’s known as leap year and leap day.

Leap year exists, in large part, to keep the months in sync with annual events, like equinoxes and solstices, according to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology. It’s a correction to counter the fact that Earth’s orbit isn’t precisely 365 days a year. The trip takes about six hours longer than that, NASA says.

Without a leap year about every four years (but not quite), the seasons wouldn’t align with when farmers plant, and chaos could ensue.


Leap Day history: What is is and things that happened on Feb. 29

Without a Feb. 29 about every four years (but not quite), the seasons wouldn't align with when farmers plant - and chaos would ensue. Here are some interesting things that have happened on Feb. 29.

Here are some deals you can get at local and national chains in the area. Make sure to check with your local chain to ensure that they're honoring Leap Day deals. 


Pagliacci Pizza will be offering two free slices per customer at all locations (except UW and Valley) from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. To claim free slices, customers simply need to display the profile page on their Pagliacci app. While picking up their free slices, customers are invited to enter a drawing to win one of ten $500 gift certificates Pagliacci is also giving away on Leap Day.

Circle K

Circle K will offer 40 cents off per gallon of fuel between 4 and 7 p.m. on Thursday, February 29 during Circle K Fuel Day Pop-Up along with a 50% discount on car washes all day at over 200 participating Circle K locations, including Seattle.

Papa Murphy’s

The take ‘n’ bake pizza brand Papa Murphy’s is giving customers 29% on Feb. 29 when they spend $20 with code LEAP24. This offer is valid for online orders.

Ozzie's in Seattle (located at 105 W Mercer St., Seattle)

Ozzie's will be hosting a "Leap Day" event with $5 Twisted Teas all day and a game of "Frog Toss" from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. The person who accumulates the most points will win a "Twisted Tea" cooler, and there will also be giveaways for participants. 


On Feb. 29, guacamole will not be extra for Chipotle fans who use code EXTRA24 on digital orders placed exclusively on the Chipotle app or Chipotle.com. 


Wendy’s new Cinnabon Pull-Apart menu item is available now at Wendy’s nationwide.

To make the news even sweeter, Wendy’s said it will be offering a free Cinnabon Pull-Apart on Leap Day, followed by sweet breakfast offers for DashPass by DoorDash members from March 1 through March 10.

Krispy Kreme

This Leap Day, Krispy Kreme said it is sweetening the day by offering all guests a dozen Original Glazed doughnuts for just $2.29 with the purchase of any regularly priced dozen. Any guest with a Feb. 29 birthday can also receive a free Original Glazed dozen, no purchase necessary on Leap Day. Proof of birthday is required.

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On Feb. 29, and for one day only, those celebrating a Leap Day birthday will receive a birthday bear at Build-A-Bear for just $4 (a nod to the once-in-four-year cadence of Leap Day birthdays). The $4 promotion is available in-store only on Feb. 29 while supplies last.


Shipt, the same-day delivery service, will offer 29% off select snacks, candy, ice cream and baked goods from a variety of grocers on Feb. 29.