Legal pot in Point Roberts might be hard to come by

POINT ROBERTS, Wash. -- If you want to smoke legal pot in Point Roberts, Wash., you might have a hard time finding some.

Larry Musselwhite wants to open the first retail pot store in this oddly situated speck of Washington state, the Seattle Times reported. The problem Musselwhite  faces is that Point Roberts is on the southern tip of the Tsawwassen Peninsula of Canada, so to get to Point Roberts from mainland Washington you have to cross the Canadian border and it's illegal to bring marijuana across the border.

Mike Tomlin, another resident of Point Roberts, told the Times he wondered how adults on Point Roberts are going to have access to recreational pot -- a legal right of Washingtonians since the passage of I-502 in the November general election.

Tomlin suffers from arthritis and recently received medical marijuana authorization, but there are no dispensaries in Point Roberts, the paper reported. So while he is legally allowed to possess pot, he has no way to get it.

But as residents of Point Roberts wait to find out how they'll get access to marijuana, they will have to wait -- like everyone else -- until the Washington State Liquor Board determines how many pot stores will be located throughout the state.