LimeLight Pet Project: Meet Ramona!

SEATTLE- If you're looking for a loving pet to add to your family, then look no further.

Q13 is partnering with the limelight pet project to help Ramona get adopted.

"She is very, very playful," Joni Cervenka with Meow Cat Rescue said. "She tends to be very very interested in people, and she very much wants to see whats going on outside her suite."

Ramona has been at 'meow cat rescue' in Kirkland since January.

She is almost six years old needs a loving family that will give her lots of affection and play time.

"We don't know how good she is with kids," Cervenka said. "We think maybe older kids, a married couple or a single person. Anybody who's willing to let her be on their lap or on their computer or next to them on the couch."

Ramona was sick when she showed up at the shelter, and lost a litter of kittens because of it.

After an improper initial diagnosis, it turned out that she has asthma. Volunteers say she is good about taking her daily medication and puff from her inhaler.

She has been through a lot in her short life, but Ramona does not let it get to her.

"My favorite thing about Ramona is that she is just a sweetheart," Cervenka said. "Despite everything that she has been through, and that she has to take an inhaler puff every day and a pill, she really does well; she doesn't hold a grudge and she just really wants to be loved by somebody and be in a home."

If you are interested in adopting Ramona, give Meow Cat Rescue a call at (425) 822-6369 or visit their website Someone will walk you through the application process and schedule a time for you to meet in person to make sure the adoption is a good fit.