Local grilled cheese truck accepts Bitcoin

SEATTLE -- Two area brothers do their best to stay on top of the tech world in order to keep their place among Seattle's best grilled cheese artisans.

According to Geekwire.com, local gourmet grilled cheese truck Cheese Wizards began accepting Bitcoin -- a decentralized digital currency -- last week. The brothers, Tom and Bo Saxbe are believed to be some of the first food vendors in the area taking the new digital currency that's not backed in U.S. dollars.

"We host a lot of smart, tech-savvy people in Seattle, and a lot of the brilliant minds in Seattle share some of our interests," Tom told Geekwire.

Bitcoin is open-source cryptography currency not dependent of any central authority, meaning it is not backed by a credit card, government banking institution. It is transferred electronically in a peer-to-peer secured system. Bitcoin users pay through a Bitcoin wallet, usually accessed with a smartphone.

So far, Cheese Wizards has only processed two transactions using Bitcoins, Geekwire reported.

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