Man found sitting naked in girls locker room, police say

streakingEVERETT -- A 50-year-old Mount Vernon man is charged with indecent exposure after he was allegedly spotted sitting naked in two girls locker rooms earlier this year, the Everett Herald reported.

Brett Linert was allegedly seen on Oct. 28 sitting in the girls locker room at Getchell High School holding his clothes in his hands. Officials said he was spotted by a janitor just minutes before the girls' soccer team was scheduled to enter the locker room. Linert allegedly apologized to the janitor, put his clothes on and walked to his truck. The janitor followed Linert outside and took down his license plate.

When police contacted Linert, he told them he didn't realize he was in the girls locker room, the Herald reported. He also said he wanted to take a shower because he has soiled his pants, and has intestinal problems that make him incontinent. Linert told police he was at the high school to watch the girls' soccer game.

Linert does not have any prior criminal history.

Surveillance footage from the high school allegedly shows Linert walking directly from his truck to the girls' locker room when he arrived at the school.

Police believe Linert was the same man two middle-school girls spotted naked at Cedar Crest Middle School in Marysville earlier this year.