Man invents groundbreaking new microwave, asks if you want one?

Mark Rober says he has built a better microwave.

Seriously, it is WAY better than the one you currently have.

Rober's microwave design has an infrared camera inside that monitors the temperature of your food throughout as it cooks.  Then a heat map is displayed on the door so you always know when your food is cooked all the way through.

But that's not where this inventor's design ends.

Rober also proposes a wireless connection between the microwave and a mobile device.  This would allow you to be in another room, watch your heatmap and even add time remotely when needed.

So what's the catch?

It isn't on the market yet.

But Rober isn't crowdfunding like many inventors.  Instead he's confident there are investors out there.  So he's asking folks who like his design to sign a petition so he can prove to those investors there is demand for his idea at a reasonable price.

Watch Rober's video and if you are interested sign his petition at