Man wins OK to wear goat horns in driver's license photo

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — A Pagan priest finally has the OK to sport goat horns in his Maine driver's license photo.

Phelan Moonsong, of Millinocket, Maine, said he always wears his goat horns, which serve as his spiritual antennae.

But Moonsong is questioning why he had to fight for his driver's license photo even after explaining his religious beliefs to motor vehicle staff in August. Plus, he adds, the horns didn't obstruct his face.

The Maine Secretary of State's Office said the state wasn't familiar with his choice of headdress and had asked Moonsong for more information. A spokeswoman said Maine allowed the goat horns because Moonsong cited their religious purposes and because they didn't obstruct his face.

Maine motor vehicle staff staff can hold license photos for review if they have a concern about religious headdress.