Mayor, investor Chris Hansen call for halt to hateful, sexist attacks after arena vote

SEATTLE -- After the five women on the Seattle City Council voted against a plan to vacate a street and allow the building of a new sports arena, hateful and sexist comments poured in. And community leaders are saying, "Knock it off."

After the vote Tuesday, there were threatening comments made online and in letters sent to the council members' offices.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray said Wednesday, "The disappointment some felt over the outcome of the vote was understandable. But what is not understandable is to bring gender into the conversation."

Chris Hansen, the investor who hopes to build the planned arena and bring a new Sonics NBA team to Seattle, issued a statement Wednesday:

"While we may not agree with the council's vote, misogynistic insults, vile comments and threats are unacceptable and need to stop."