Medical supply drive underway for Ukraine

A Kirkland man is spearheading a supply drive to get first aid kits and other medical supplies to those impacted by war in Ukraine

Vital Solutions is collecting those supplies at a warehouse in Kirkland.  From there, teams will make sure those supplies cross the border into Ukraine to reach some of the hardest hit communities.   

"Right now we are getting requests for first aid kits and tourniquets," said Ben Sterciuc, Founder of Vital Solutions. 

He says the requests for medical supplies are rolling in from hospitals and cities hard hit by Russia's war against Ukraine.  

"These are supplies that are being requested from different locations in Ukraine and even from a hospital that deals with injured civilians," said Sterciuc. 


Community holds donation drive to support Ukraine

A King County youth soccer club is rallying the community to help families from Ukraine fleeing to safety.

Tourniquets and first aid kits top the list, along with medicine like Dramamine, to help with motion sickness.  

"I think part of it is just the challenges of different transportation vans and buses that are crowded and on bad roads or damaged roads, so there is just a lot more commotion going on than before the war."  

In many places, Ben says the pharmacies are closed.  His team is operating out of several areas in Romania, with some members taking supplies directly into Ukraine to help the wounded.   

"We have already roughly around 200 pieces of tourniquets and I think they said about 10 suitcases worth of first aid kits," he said. 

Ben spent the weekend in Texas fundraising for those medical supplies and for monetary donations to bring food into Ukraine as well. 


Federal Way transportation company brings supplies, aid to Ukraine

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, a local transportation company is helping with humanitarian and medical aid to assist the war-torn country.

"If an organization wants to help, it's very easy to say, ‘Lets put $5,000 together for 1 transport of 3.5 to 4 tons of food that we can put in a cargo van and drive it into Ukraine and feed thousands of people’," Sterciuc said. 

Sterciuc says that there are several ways to donate locally including on the organization's website at or by sending or dropping off donations to the local warehouse.  

"One way is to actually order on Amazon and send them to our warehouse in Kirkland," he said.  "Everything that is being donated, everything that is being sent either to Romania to help with the refugees or in Ukraine to help directly with those who are there."  

He says the donated supplies can be sent to Parkade Plaza, 733 7th Ave Suite 202, Kirkland, WA 98033. 

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