Molly Conley's parents thank local law enforcement

SEATTLE - Following the arrest of a suspect in the drive-by shooting of Molly Conley, the family issued a statement thanking local law enforcement:

"We are grateful to all at the Snohomish County Sheriff’s office and especially Brad Pince, detective-Major Crimes Unit for his work and his kindness to us during this horrific time.  We hope that the recent arrest is helpful to the Lake Stevens Community.    Thank you to all in Snohomish County and Lake Stevens for all that you have done for Molly and our family.

We continue to appreciate the amazing generosity and love shown to us by our friends and relatives, our Magnolia community, and all those who loved Molly and have been inspired by her beautiful life.

We continue to be in shock and grieve deeply over losing our darling Molly.

Matthew and Susan Arksey   (Molly’s step-father and mother)