Mom helps deputies catch laptop thieves

SPOKANE – A sleuth mom helped detectives track down three accused laptop thieves this week.

According to KXLY, 58 MacBook Air laptops were reported stolen from an elementary school in the Spokane suburb of Mead on Tuesday.

The previous night, a school employee reported that the building’s alarm had gone off twice.

Deputies went through a backlog of calls and noticed someone had called 911 regarding three missing boys at about the time when the alarms went off.

A detective went to the home, which was near the school and talked to the three boys.

They initially denied knowing about the theft, but hours after the detective left the mother called back saying the boys were ready to confess.

Deputies recovered 52 of the laptops. They believe another boy also involved in the theft may know where the other six computers are.

KXLY reported that criminal charges were being forwarded to the county’s juvenile prosecutor.