Orting Police investigate fight at youth football game

ORTING, Wash. - Orting Police are investigating a brawl that happened during a youth football game this past weekend.

It happened Saturday in Orting, when the Federal Way Titans faced off against the Orting Junior Cardinals.

Video from the game shows a group of parents make their way onto the field, and then chase one of the referees.

Q13 News spoke to the ref about the incident. He did not want to show his face on camera or use his name, but said what happened this past this weekend is unacceptable.

“It’s completely unnecessary. It’s a little league football game,” he said. “These are kids, and when parents don’t act right, the kids suffer.”

The ref says it started at the end of the third quarter of the game. He says he was working with the coaches over a call, when parents started to surround him on the field.

He says several parents chased him off the field where he was able to safely get to his car and get away, but the incident did not end there.

Video provided by the police shows a brawl between parents.

Police say one parent reported being assaulted. Police say the league has not been able to provide any names of parents involved in the incident.

The Nisqually Junior Football League released a statement that reads in part, “The NJFL is deeply saddened and embarrassed at the events that took place Saturday.”

Read the league's full statement

The league also suspended the Federal Way Titans organization pending further investigation.

Members of the Titans organization say no coaches or players were involved in the fight, and the organization does not condone the behavior of those involved.