Paris Hilton thought she was about to die during cruel plane-crash prank (VIDEO)

DUBAI -- Famed socialite Paris Hilton was the victim of a cruel prank by an Egyptian reality show recently, causing the heiress to think she was going to die in a plane crash.

Hilton was in Dubai when the host of an Egyptian reality show asked if the TV star wanted an aerial tour off the city, Gossip Cop reports. Once she got into the air, Hilton appeared to have no idea that she was being filmed for the show "Ramez in Control." A stunt pilot cut the plane's engines and plummeted toward the ground.

Hilton screamed as the plane dropped, saying "What's happening?" and "Why can't we land?!"

At one point, two stunt jumpers even leap out of the plane. Seemingly unbeknownst to Hilton, however, is the stunt jumpers were wearing parachutes.

After some time, the plane rights itsself and Hilton and the other passengers land safely.

The Egyptian TV star then tells Hilton the whole thing was a prank.

"I'm going to kill you," she told the Egyptian star. "You've been pretending this whole time?"

Warning: Video below contains some graphic language.