Pennsylvania hunter dies in tree stand fire despite wife's rescue attempt

Pennsylvania authorities said a hunter died after he couldn't escape his tree stand when it went up in flames. 

The Fulton County Coroner’s office said the tragedy unfolded on November 25 when it was contacted about the fire on the 900 block of Gem Road, Belfast Township, Fulton County. 

First responders said they found the charred remains of the victim who was later identified as 76-year-old Raymond Seville Jr. He died from smoke inhalation. 

His wife told authorities that the couple went into the tree stand to hunt earlier that morning. 

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The wife said her husband later decided to light a propane heater that was stored inside the tree stand to provide warmth. 

The wife said Seville opened the valve on the propane tank that supplied fuel to the heater. After several attempts to ignite the heater, she noticed flames around the bottom of the heater that was on the floor of the tree stand.

"She stated smoke became unbearable in a short amount of time, and she tried to get her husband from the tree stand who had mobility issues," Coroner Berley Souders told FOX Television Stations. 

Authorities said the wife tried to move her husband but was overcome by the smoke and quickly escaped to get fresh air. She then re-entered the tree stand that was engulfed in flames but was unable to pull her husband out. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.