Pike Place recgonized as SBA Legacy Business

Pike Place Fish Market has been recognized as a Small Business Association (SBA) Legacy Business. This title places Pike Place Fish Market among a select group of 68 Legacy Businesses that have received support from the SBA for their growth and stability.

The acknowledgment is part of the SBA's 70th-anniversary celebrations.

"The SBA Seattle District serves more than 650,000 small businesses in Washington state and northern Idaho, and it is an honor to recognize Pike Place Fish Market as an SBA Legacy Business. With their location in Seattle's historic Pike Place Market since 1930, this small business has become a staple of our waterfront, defining the Seattle experience," said Kerrie Hurd, the Director of the SBA Seattle District.

The SBA's Legacy Business program celebrates small businesses that have thrived with SBA support.

Pike Place Fish Market, an iconic landmark since its establishment in 1930 in the historic Pike Place Market in Seattle, began its journey in 1986 under owner John Yokoyama to become "World Famous," focusing on customer service and quality seafood.

In 2010, Yokoyama and his team committed to sourcing only sustainably caught seafood, a pioneering move in the Pacific Northwest.

In 2018, the business was sold to Samuel Samson, Jaison Scott, Anders Miller, and Ryan Reese, long-time employees. These four employees had already managed daily operations, expanded the business online, established wholesale partnerships, and improved their digital presence.

A ceremony honoring the current owners of Pike Place Fish Market took place on Aug. 29.