Pink Gorilla Games offers $10,000 reward to catch burglar caught on camera

After nearly two decades without an incident, a local game shop has been broken into two times in just the past two weeks.  The owner of Pink Gorilla Games believes the same thief may have struck twice and is now offering a $10,000 reward to anyone that can help catch him.  

Security video shows the burglar punching through the glass of the business in order to get in.  The owner says in the 17 years that the business has been located off South King Street, this is the first time it's ever been targeted. 

"Looked like he cut up his hand a whole lot trying to get in and then took that same giant rock, straight through our front door," said Cody Spencer, the owner of Pink Gorilla Games. 

Cody also has a shop in the U-District, but says both break-ins happened in the International District.  The first occurred on July 5. 

"The first one was pretty heartbreaking and frustrating," said Cody. 

He says during that incident, the burglar got away with a Nintendo Switch and a number of games, making multiple trips, potentially to load a vehicle, before a delivery driver spotted him and yelled, scaring him off along with what looked like a getaway driver. 

"Totaling up the damage afterward was pretty awful, said Cody.  "That’s a lot of work, 14,000 dollars in damage, and theft is pretty brutal."  

During the second burglary on July 22, the thief stole over $1,500 in merchandise.   

"It feels so much worse, because it’s like what are we going to do?  What can be done about this?  Is it just going to keep happening forever?," he said.

Cody says at one point, cameras captured a close-up of the suspect's face.  He says when he compared video of the two thefts, he felt it was the same man, based on size build and his walk. 

"It sure looks like him and he did exactly the same thing as last time," said Cody. 

The thief left blood behind on the broken glass, so he may also have cuts on his hand or wrist. 

"Maybe this guy is your friend, or maybe somehow you know who is doing this to us and all the other people of Seattle, $10,000 turn them into the police," said Cody. 

Cody says he's now considering installing bars on the windows and doors and believes that the thief will strike again unless he's arrested.  

"Obviously he’s not just doing it to us, the police told me that a lot of our types of store, like collectible fun  stores were broken into the same day like 3 to 4 that same night," said Cody.  

Cody says the $10,000 reward will go to anyone who provides information that leads to an arrest and conviction.