Pit bull supporters turn out, but Enumclaw City Council votes to keep ban on breed

ENUMCLAW, Wash. -- The Enumclaw City Council voted Monday night to keep its longtime ban on pit bulls in place, despite some in the community who urged allowing ownership of the breed.

The city's ban on pit bulls has been in place for nearly 25 years and it's sparked quite the debate among residents.

But dozens of people turned out at the City Council hearing in support of the pit bull.

Tammie Waugh owns Cobber's Pet Pantry in Enumclaw.  A pit bull owner herself, she and her family are in support of the city lifting the ban.

"It's not fair because they're just as sweet.  I just want to see more pit bulls come in here because I like pit bulls," said Tammie's daughter, Joylynn.

But not everyone agrees.

Karen Shelvers says her son was attacked by a pit bull five years ago while riding his bike in Seattle.

Shelvers and two others gathered outside City Hall in support of keeping the ban in place.

"I have so many concerns because I don't think that they're prepared for all dangerous situations that will definitely, eventually, come up," said Shelvers.

The supporters of the breed say every animal should be judged on its own merit.