Pit bulls attack small dog in Everett park; owner flees

EVERETT -- A pair of pit bulls attacked a small dog in a city park and now the 10-year-old Jack Russell terrier is fighting to recover.

Everett Animal Control officers are on the hunt for a suspect but they could use your help.

“I could hardly breathe and I thought my dog was dead,” said Gerry Porter.

His dog, Chloe, has undergone two surgeries in nearly two weeks.

Porter said he was walking Chloe at Everett's Rotary Park when out of nowhere two unrestrained pit bulls began their assault.

“I hear this guy yelling from behind me, 'Pick up your dog, pick up your dog,'” Porter said. “Before I could even react, the dogs were almost on top of us. It was all I could do to hold her. She was squirming around and these dogs were chomping all over her and jumping on me to get control of her.”

But when Porter tried to get the pit bull’s owner’s information, he says they jumped in a car and took off.

“He knew they were going to do that because he was yelling at me to put my dog above my ahead,” Porter said. “He obviously knew what to do.”

Porter and his wife, Julia, have already spent $3,500 in veterinary bills, but they worry the costs will increase.

Vets are having a tough time getting her infection under control and Chloe’s owners want the pit bull’s owner to do the right thing.

Porter said the suspect was driving a green, 4-door sedan, possibly an older-model Honda Accord.

The Porters are offering a reward for information that leads to an arrest.