Police: Canoe thief gets stuck without a paddle in windstorm, calls 9-1-1 for help

BURIEN -- It's one of those stories you have a feeling won't end well.

We think Burien police tell this story best. Here is their post:

"Last night, a 20-year-old man trespassed on someone’s private beach property helped himself to someone’s canoe. One small problem was there were no paddles with the canoe, so this creative young MacGyver found a shovel and decided it would be a suitable paddle. One larger problem, winds were 30 MPH with gusts up to 44 MPH. Not ideal weather for a 10 foot canoe. Of course if he owned his own canoe, he would probably know better.

Not very far into his journey, the man called 911 for help. It seems he dropped his “paddle” and was adrift in the Puget Sound near Seahurst. Also about this time, a neighbor called in a stolen canoe report. Coast Guard to the rescue…they located our frantic theft suspect and brought him to shore, to a waiting Burien officer.

Once we made sure he was okay, we gave him a free ride to a much drier place and booked him for theft. Shockingly, he also had two outstanding warrants for theft as well. He may be enjoying some institutional oatmeal and powdered egg mix as you read this."