Police: Ignition interlock camera blows cover on suspected car thief

RENTON, Wash. -- A Renton man said he caught a car thief red-handed on his ignition interlock camera.

Renton Police said the crook’s cover was blown by an ignition interlock camera, a device the victim was required to have installed in his car.

But when police recovered the victim’s car they found images of a man investigators call a prolific car thief.

“We’ve arrested this suspect a number of times for auto theft,” said Renton Police Cmdr. Dave Liebman. “In fact, there’s a current warrant out for him right now for auto theft."

The incriminating images came from an interlock device inside a car reported stolen last month. When the victim had the device inspected by mechanics, he told Renton Police the camera captured images of the suspected thief.

Liebman said the reporting officer recognized the suspect’s image right away.

“He looked at the pictures and immediately identified him by name, as did our auto theft detective,” he said.

The suspect is currently wanted by King County sheriff’s deputies, according to Liebman.

Detectives suggest drivers protect themselves by installing security systems, parking in well-lit areas and leaving their cars in high foot-traffic areas.