Police: Man arrested in Burien after shootout with officers

BURIEN, Wash. -- Authorities say a man is in custody after a shootout Monday with Normandy Park Police.

The King County Sheriff's Office says police confronted the man during an investigation and pointed a gun at them. They exchanged fire, and then the man allegedly stole a vehicle.

After a short chase, he crashed the vehicle in a nearby parking lot in the 15800 block of 1st Avenue in Burien and was arrested after a standoff, the sheriff's office said. The sheriff's office says he was taken to a  nearby hospital with minor injuries after being shot.

The crime spree happened in a busy shopping center packed with people who watched the scene unfold.

"I know that he stole the car," said witness Violet Barber. "I saw the people who owned the car chasing the car saying hey that’s my car."

More witnesses shared cellphone video of the tense but short standoff with the suspect.

"A lot of them with their guns drawn to the driver," said Vicky Mauai. "I’m just glad it ended nicely, nobody got hurt."

Images from another witness showed Burien Police surrounding the crashed car near the Ross clothing store in the area.

Crime scene tape cordoned off most of the parking lot while detectives spent hours measuring and documenting the area.

The area of 1st Avenue and S 160th Street was closed for several hours but reopened as of 10:18 p.m.

The King County Sheriff's Office said it will conduct an investigation of the shooting.

According to officials the two officers from the Normandy Park Police Department involved in the initial shooting would likely make statements to detectives and then be placed on administrative leave which is standard procedure.