Police: Man posing as university employee grabbed female student, said 'you are coming with me'

SEATTLE -- A 48-year-old man who posed as a University of Washington employee was charged with assault for allegedly attacking a female student, dragging her by the hand and saying "You are coming with me."

On Jan. 16, a young female student at the UW was walking back to her residence hall on Memorial Way when she was approached by Jonathan Gear, court documents show. Gear introduced himself to the student and, while using a British accent, said he worked at the university. Gear then stuck out his hand, documents show, and the student went to shake it.

According to court documents, once the handshake was over, Gear refused to let go of the victim's hand. The student hit his hand and wrist and told Gear to please let her go. Gear refused, and allegedly grabbed the victim's forearm and said, "You are coming with me." Gear then began dragging the woman, who was kicking and screaming.

The victim screamed for help, documents show, and managed to run away as Gear attempted to get a better grasp of her.

Witnesses ran to the victim and also took photos of Gear. He was later found in the Old Quad area of the UW campus and contacted by police. Gear told officers the girl allegedly "karate chopped" him on the arm. He was arrested and taken to the King County Jail.

According to the Seattle PI, Gear has previously assaulted Seattle police officers, and may have a history of mental problems. He once bit an officer on the arm, the PI reported, and claimed he had HIV to scare the officer.

Gear is currently in jail on $250,000 bail.

It is not known if the girl required medical attention following the attack.