Power outage leads to 330,000 gallons of storm water, wastewater being pumped into Puget Sound

SEATTLE -- A brief power outage in West Seattle resulted in a King County pumping station discharging an estimated 330,000 gallons of storm water and wastewater into the Puget Sound on Thursday, King County officials said.

The incident occurred at King County’s 63rd Avenue Pump Station.

"The pump station, which is designed to send flows to the nearby Alki CSO facility, discharged an estimated 330,000 gallons of stormwater and wastewater during the power outage, which lasted from approximately 4:45 p.m. to 5:05 p.m. Thursday," a King County news release said.

Crews brought an emergency generator that is stored at the Alki CSO facility to the pump station, and main power was quickly restored, the county said.

King County said it has reported the overflow to health and regulatory agencies. "King County employees will post signs in the vicinity of the pump station at first light on Friday, Feb. 17, and employees with the County’s Environmental Lab conducted water quality monitoring."