Redmond community walks together to support woman attacked in Marymoor Park

REDMOND  --  After a violent attack in a popular Redmond park left the community shaken, dozens came together Tuesday to promote safety and take a stand – by walking.

“In a way we are kind of taking back our park tonight,” says event organizer, Sharon Ilstrup.

More than a week ago, investigators say a woman walking her dog was viciously attacked by a man on the Sammamish trail.

Tuesday afternoon dozens gathered to walk that same trail.  They say it’s their way of showing they’re not afraid and honoring the way the victim fought back and survived.

“She’s doing OK. She’s traumatized, but she’s an incredibly strong human being. I don’t know if I would be nearly as strong as her,” says Ilstrup.

Ilstrup shared a statement from the victim.  She said in part:  “… the attack was very violent and I suffered many facial and neck injuries from his brutal beatings and attempts to strangle me to death… I want to encourage everyone to keep a look out for the attacker, as I truly believe he will strike again…”

Anyone with information on this assault should contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.