Reminder: You can't take marijuana across the border, even on ferries

SEATTLE -- Washingtonians headed north need to remember -- leave the weed at home.

It's still illegal to bring any amount of weed or cannabis product into Canada from the United States despite Canada legalizing recreational marijuana.

People headed back into the states need to be especially careful as U.S. Customs and Border Protection follows federal laws.

Anyone caught with marijuana at the border could be stopped, fined or even arrested.

That warning includes ferries. In particular the international route from Anacortes to Canada.

Ferry officials say they've had a few problems with marijuana aboard their boats recently and they want to remind everyone to use common sense and not take drugs across the border.

Or use marijuana while in a public space.

"Back on September 25th, aboard the Spokane on the Edmonds-Kingston run apparently there were reports of a couple in a car using a bong, for a lack of a better term," Washington State Ferries spokesman Ian Sterling said.

That couple was detained when they got off the vessel.