Renton Police arrest suspect accused of stealing BMW at gunpoint

(Renton Police)

Renton Police arrested one of two men suspected of carjacking a couple at gunpoint over the weekend.

Early Sunday morning around 1:00 a.m., a couple said they were carjacked at gunpoint by two men in a parking lot near Duvall Ave NE and NE Sixth St. One suspect got into their car, a blue BMW, and the other suspect got back into the gray Chevrolet SUV they pulled up in.

The couple called police and informed them there was tracking device in the stolen BMW.

An officer spotted the gray SUV and stolen BMW in East Renton, but they both sped off. Police later tracked them to Bellevue, where they arrested the suspect in the SUV, 21-year-old Jangel Jimenez-Hernandez, who had a warrant for his arrest.

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Police say the other suspect in the stolen BMW got away.

Jimenez-Hernandez is charged with first-degree robbery and is being held in jail on $500,000 bail, on account of previous juvenile adjudications for first-degree manslaughter and third-degree malicious mischief.