Rising Stillaguamish River hits flooding record in Arlington

Cresting at 21.34 feet, the Stillaguamish River in Arlington hit an all-time high Tuesday afternoon, as rains flood the North Sound.

Twin Rivers Snohomish County Park sits at the confluence of the river’s north and south forks. Alongside the submerged baseball diamond and soccer fields is Highway 530. The road is a critical connection between Arlington and Darrington.

Law enforcement closed the section next to the park for several hours. This shutdown was a major setback for Jessica Rodrick, who was itching to get back to her two kids in Darrington. Jessica and her husband spent hours looking for a path around the sunken roads.

"This is probably the craziest I’ve ever seen it," said Rodrick.

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Snohomish County Emergency Management reports, the Stillaguamish River valley floods every 3–5 years. Locals FOX 13 spoke with shared they have not seen waters this high for decades, Curtis Dobson among them.

"It’s at least been 20 plus years since I’ve seen it this bad," said Dobson. "This is really bad."