School district hilariously shuts down snow day requests on Twitter

Kids in Georgia hoping the year's first winter snow would land them a Friday off took to Twitter on Thursday to plead their case, and they found themselves an able sparring partner in the form of the unnamed handler of @CherokeeSchools.

That's the Twitter account for the Cherokee County School District, which claims more than 41,000 metro Atlanta students. The parry began Thursday evening as northern and central counties braced for up to 4 inches of snow, per the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Director of Public Information Barbara Jacoby explained the district's thinking to 11Alive, saying the "kids are all about roasting," even if Facebook-using adults don't get that.

"We keep our Facebook page salt-free because we know it's not the same audience." Highlights:

Alas, school was on as usual on Friday, but the campaign persisted, picking up steam on Saturday as the snow fell, and after the governor declared a state emergency.

Finally early Sunday, the kids got what they wanted: No school Monday. And the quips kept coming. After one student tweeted, "God Bless you. I will let you name my first born child after hearing this news," came this reply, "Cherokee Schools has a nice ring to it." (Also making waves on Twitter: President-elect Trump goes after Meryl Streep.)

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