Gift ideas for screen-free fun

Get the kids away from screens with these great gifts!

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Vivid Pop Waterbased Paint Markers


Vivid Pop! acrylic paint markers are super bright opaque paint pens that can write on white or black mediums creating countless opportunities for drawing and painting without any annoying smells. | Buy It

Spy Labs Cryptic Puzzle Safe


Safeguard your secrets and treasures inside of this portable vault! The secret compartment will only open after the correct six-digit combination is entered. You set the code to protect what’s inside or have someone else set it and try to guess! (Yes, parents, there is a master key in case they forget the code, or you want to have a look at what they’re hiding). | Buy It



Tons of stories, no screens. This award-winning audio system engages kids with multisensory stories, music, and skill-building when kids tap special content items on the Storypod speaker to play age-appropriate audio. Parents can also create personalized recordings using the Storypod app.  Engages kids without screens, teaches kids new things, and even helps calm kids to sleep, making bedtime easier. | Buy It

Keke Bags


Keke is a grab-and-go bag with four pouches of activities designed to keep kids ages 3 to 6(ish) entertained away from screentime while on the go. Keke stands for "keep every kid engaged," and the pouches each address a different emerging skill – from social/emotional to fine motor to pre-academics. From restaurants to road trips or some downtime at home an optional subscription service can deliver new pouches every three months to keep the Keke bag fresh and exciting. | Buy It

SuperMouth Oral Care System


Toothbrushes in a category for fun?  Yup!  SuperMouth is the system in which toothpaste tastes like strawberry ice cream and toothbrushes play a tune that inspires a dance and a smile. Here, fearless dragons are brought to life with augmented reality, menacing Sugar Bugs are unleashed in comic books, and your favorite superhero dentists star in their own movie. Welcome to SuperMouth, where brush time is now adventure time. | Buy It

Pandas Bamboo House by Hape 


This bamboo house playset offers a great chance to encourage a sense of environmental responsibility and teach kids how important it is to protect wild animals. It is also perfect for encouraging role play, creativity and imagination!  The house and animals are made from wood and eco-friendly, renewable materials including Green PE (made from sugar cane plant), FSC certified wood and bamboo, one of the fastest growing plants on earth. | Buy It

Puzzle Face


300 pieces. Billions of possibilities. Infinite fun! This puzzle is our favorite because it can be assembled—and re-assembled, again and again—to make any face. Take a selfie or upload a portrait and the Puzzle Face Image Key will map out the perfect puzzle to create your portrait. | Buy It