Seahawks Michael Bennett says his book is not about his sports journey but a 'reflection of America'

SEATTLE -- Michael Bennett is set to release a book in a couple months and the topic could make some people uncomfortable, specifically white people.

At a recent press conference, the Seahawks defensive end announced the title, Things That Make White People Uncomfortable.

Bennett said it's meant to "start a conversation."

Bennett says the book focuses on issues he believes are important in America.

"This is my story. My journey. My thoughts on sports. My thoughts on issues in America. My thoughts on women's equality," Bennett said.

Adding, when athletes write books people tend to "think about you writing a story about your sports journey. Mine is more about my reflection of America and its past."

Bennette's co-author is Dave Zirin. He is a sports editor for the progressive magazine The Nation.

Bennett, who is no stranger to controversy, said the book will be out sometime in December or January.