Seahawks, Wilson come alive late, cap incredible 23-20 comeback in OT

HOUSTON -- When the going gets tough, the Hawks get tougher.

In what for the longest time looked improbable -- if not impossible -- Steven Hauschka kicked a 45-yard field goal with about three minutes left in overtime to complete an incredible 17-point comeback, with the Hawks beating the Houston Texans 23-20 Sunday in Houston.

The win gives the Hawks their first 4-0 start in franchise history.

Early on, the game appeared to have the makings of a Texans' blowout. The Texans dominated the second quarter, going into the locker room up 20-3 after two Matt Schaub touchdown passes and two field goals, including one with a second left in the first half.  Houston's dominance continued well into the third quarter, holding the normally confident Hawks to minimal offense, time of possession and passing yards. And the Seahawks' offensive line, missing three starters, was befuddled by a strong pass rush from J.J. Watt and company

Yes, for three quarters, the favored Hawks looked stalled. But then they got things going.

Led by Seahawks second-year quarterback Russell Wilson, the scored their first touchdown with 7:43 left in the game on a 3-yard run from Marshawn Lynch. Again showing 4th quarter heroics, Wilson -- completing just 12 of 23 passes for 123 yards and a Passer rating of 49 -- extended the game late with his feet, rushing 10 times for 77 yards, including a 4th down run that extended the Hawks' first touchdown drive.

The Legion of Boom, the Seahawks defensive backfield, anchored the comeback when a rushed Schaub through his third pick-6 interception in as many games, with Richard Sherman returning the ball 58 yards to tie the game with 2:40 left. Hauschka completed the comeback with 3:19 left in overtime when he nailed a 45-yard field goal, his longest of the young season.

The Hawks finished the game trailing in total yards, total yards per play, passing third down efficiency, penalties and time of possession. But in the end it didn't matter, Coach Pete Carroll said.

"This was an extraordinary day," Carroll said after the game.

The Hawks head to Indianapolis next Sunday to face the 3-1 Colts on Q13 FOX.

Minute by Minute updates from the game 

-- Seahawks have the ball on the Texans 35.

-- Punt to Texans puts them on their own 13.

-- Horse collar penalty puts the ball on the Seattle 48.

-- Seahawks will get the ball on their own 20. What a game.

-- Matt Schaub will get the ball at the 20. Arian Foster gets the ball for a 1 or 2 yard gain.

-- One overtime period. Each team will have one opportunity to possess the football.  Houston has one the toss. Texans will get the football in OT.

-- Schaub has a fourth down here. They're going to punt the ball with fourth and five. Golden Tate waving at the 10 yardline.

-- Touchdown Seahawkssssss! 58-yards for Richard Sherman. Seattle's defense produces a tie with 2:40 left to go in the game.

-- Picked up at the 43 by the Texans with a little more than 5 minutes left in the game. Texans take the ball over at their own 48.

-- Golden Tate takes the ball 18 yards with to Texans territory. We're setting ourselves up for quite a finish.

-- Schaub sacked by Chris Clemons on second down. Hawks will take over on a punt with good field position. Lets see if Russell Wilson can keep it up.

-- TOUCCCCCHHHDOWN Seahawks! Marshawn Lynch scores on a 4-yard run. Hawks now trail 20-13. With 7:43 left in the game.

-- Hawks four yards away and Russell Wilson extends the play to first and goal. What a run from Wilson.

-- Russell Wilson extends the play on third down. Completes the ball then to Doug Baldwin. We're seeing some quick action here. WIlson extending his plays.

-- Wilson runs for 25 yards. Starting to see some life from the Hawks with 13:04 left in the game.

-- Pete Carroll throws the challenge flag on what looks like a third-down catch to Doug Baldwin. We'll see how this goes.

-- Seahawks have their work cut out for them on this drive. Offense backed up into their old goal line. Maybe it's time for another Beast Quake like run?

-- Schaub's throw incomplete to Martin. Defense starting to look stiff.

-- Hawks nail a field goal to cut the lead to 14 with 3:34 to go in the 3rd quarter. #GoHawks

-- Fumble recovery Seahawks! Bobby Wagner recovers the ball on the Houston 21 for no gain. Lets see if the Hawks can't get something moving on offense here.

-- Marshawn Lynch is stuffed on third down to force a punt. Houston dominating on most fronts here. Texans take over the ball on their own 17.

-- Cushing and Watt stop Marshawn Lynch early for a loss. Third and 11. Houston is over them. Luckily, Sidney Rice with a first down to get there first third-down conversion of the football game.

-- Seahawks stop the Texans on 3rd and 10. Lets see if they can get something going on offense here as they get the punt on their own 15.

-- Arian Foster gets the ball for a 10 yard gain on third down. Seahawks haven't been able to stop the run in crucial times today.

-- Schaub comes out fast for a 21-yard gain and completion to Owen Daniels.

-- Hawks go 3-and-out after a long penalty and a sack. In good news, Michael Bennett reportedly has all movement and all feeling after being taken off the field on a stretcher. We'll keep you updated.

-- Jermaine Kearse takes the ball out of the endzone to the Hawks 25 to start the second half.  Wilson sacked again to open the second half.

Texans lead the Seahawks 20-3 at the end of the first half. 

-- Michael Bennett looked seriously injured. They have to bring the stretcher out.  Looks like a neck or back injury. Keep him in your thoughts. Very scary here on the field. He is moving his arms. We'll keep you updated.

-- Hawks need a stop here on rd and 2 with 27 seconds left in the first half. It's a 59-yard field goal. And Andre Johnson gets the catch. Looks like the Texans are trying to go for more here.

-- Lynch is stuffed at the line of scrimmage. Brings up fourth and two and John Ryan has to punt.

-- Marshawn giving some life to the Seahawks offense. Already has 38 yards after contact. Seahawks are in Texans territory but stare at a third down. Lynch already has 60 yards on the game.

-- Seahawks need a stop on third down and goal for the Texans. And they get what they need. Schaub has to throw out of bounds. Texans have to settle for a field goal to put the Texans up 17-3 with 3:51 to go in the first half.

-- Ball is out on a fumble from Marshawn Lynch. Schaub will take over on the Seahawks 19.

-- Schaub to Arian Foster for a Texans touchdown. Texans up 14-3 with 6:11 to go in the first half. Schaub is looking strong from the pocket and the Texans are loud. Lets see if Russell Wilson can get the Hawks back on track before the half.

-- Owen Daniels pulls one in to put the Texans at first and goal. Hawks on their heels on the five yard line.

-- Ben Tate runs for 22 yards to Seahawks territory. Running game is looking strong and fast against the Hawks. Texans lead the time of possession by more than six minutes over the Seahawks.

-- Texans complete a third-and eight. Andre Johnson looks strong against Richard Sherman. Arian Foster strong on the screen after the completion.

-- Seahawks will have to punt on fourth down. Wilson pass incomplete to Sidney Rice. Texans will take over at the 20 yardline.

-- Phew. Ball popped loose on the kickoff return but the Hawks get it back.

[10:36] 2nd Quarter -- Schaub goes deep down the middle to put the Texans up 7-3 with 14:55 left in the first half. Schaub took the team 90 yards. KJ Wright is out with a shoulder injury. His return is questionable.

-- KJ Wright leaves the game for a bit with an injury. We'll keep you updated. Schaub throws to Johnson for a 16-yard game.

-- Texans fans are really bringing the noise. Russell Wilson is sacked on his own 40 for a loss. The Seahawks will have to punt the ball.

-- That's one way to get out of your own endzone. Marshawn Lynch pulls a Beast Mode quake type run for a 48-yard gain.

-- Tight-end Kellen Davis called for a hold. Hawks have the ball at the five.

-- Interception Seahawks! Earl Thomas gets a tip ball pick. At least four different Seahawks touched that ball. What a way to stop a driving Texans offense. Hawks take over on the 9-yardline.

-- Schaub completes a 17-yard pass to Andre Johnson to the Seahawks 23-yard gain. The Texans are driving and look efficient.

-- Texans take over at the 20, and Andre Johnson turns a nothing gain into a first down. This is going to be a knockout, drag down kind of game, methinks.

-- Wilson goes down on 3rd and 3. Strong rush from the Texans. Hauschka knocks through a 48-yard field goal to put the Hawks up 3-0 with 11:11 left in the first quarter.

-- Pass interference called on the Texans. Automatic first down on the 43 yard line. Lynch follows up with a 4-yard gain.

-- Seahawks get the ball at their own 30-yard line. Russell Wilson will take over with a beleaguered offensive line. We'll see how he holds up.

-- Chris Clemons comes from the outside to pressure Schaub for an incomplete on 3rd-and-8. Clemons is a welcome addition in his second game back from injury.

-- Arian Foster has a nice run outside for 16 yards. Tackled by Earl Thomas.

-- Kickoff. Texans get the ball on the 20 to start the game. Arian foster is stuffed on the first rushing play of the game. The Seahawks defense has only allowed 27 points total so far this season.