Seattle Housing Authority opens 83-unit 'Raven Terrace' for low-income residents

SEATTLE -- The Seattle Housing Authority on Friday opened Raven Terrace -- a low-income housing apartment complex with 83 units.

Part of the Yesler Terrace redevelopment project, Raven Terrace was funded by a combination of federal, state, city and private funds.

"Yesler Terrace is one of the first public housing projects in the country and has a long history, but because it's one of the first, it's also one of the oldest," said Andrew Lofton, with the Seattle Housing Authority. "So we had to do something to provide our residents with quality housing."

When Yesler Terrace is redeveloped, it will feature more than 5,000 housing units. It will be a combination of 2,000 subsidized homes and 3,000 regular, market-rate homes.