Seattle Humane plans to take in 300 pets from Texas animal shelters

SEATTLE -- Seattle Humane is prepared to take in up to 200 cats and 100 dogs from animal rescue organizations in Texas following Hurricane Harvey.

This effort is to relieve overcrowding and open up space and resources for pets displaced by the storm, and for those in need of temporary housing while their owners reside in evacuation shelters.

Seattle Humane will not take in pets separated from their owners in the disaster.

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Wings of Rescue will transport shelter pets from Texas to Boeing Field on Wednesday, Aug. 30 at 2:45 p.m. where Seattle Humane staff and volunteers, along with several other local shelters, will be waiting to receive the animals.

The Seattle Humane team will transport pets to our shelter in Bellevue where they will be placed for adoption. This is the first of several expected flights to Seattle to help shelters that are directly housing displaced pets outside of Houston.

"With the natural disaster in Houston, Seattle Humane is proud to be part of a national effort to help with moving animals out of the Houston area that are currently at shelters," states Seattle Humane CEO David Loewe. "This will make the space needed for the short term housing of strays and the immensely important task of reunification of pets with their families.”

Seattle Humane is organizing an emergency foster care orientation for prospective volunteers who can temporarily house pets currently in our care to create more space for animals flying in from Texas.

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