Seattle man who tried to open terrorist camp sentenced to time served

NEW YORK (AP) — A Seattle man who once tried to open an Oregon camp to train Muslims to fight the Taliban's enemies in Afghanistan has been praised at sentencing for helping prosecutors in their hunt for terrorists.

James Ujaama was sentenced Friday in New York City federal court to time served. A prosecutor praised his cooperation over a dozen years as unprecedented, saying he met with prosecutors about 70 times.

The Denver-born Ujaama testified for the government at several terrorism trials.

He played a key role at the 2014 trial of a London-based Egyptian Islamic cleric now serving life in prison for supporting terrorism.

Ujaama also testified against a co-conspirator who was convicted in 2009 of supporting al-Qaida by trying to help open a training camp in Bly, Oregon, in 1999 and 2000.