Seattle pirate radio plays 'F*** Donald Trump' song on repeat

SEATTLE -- A pirate channel on the FM dial in Seattle is playing the song titled "F*** Donald Trump," apparently on repeat for days.

The call dial 101.9 in Seattle is playing the YG & Nipsey Hussle song on repeat without censoring the multiple curse words. The signal does not appear to be owned by any major radio station and is pirated.

According to, the Seattle station is not part of a multi-station radio hack that played the song. Stations in Kentucky and Indiana were hacked and played the song unintentionally.

However, Seattle's pirate radio station 101.9 continues to loop the song seemingly on purpose.

The song has played since at least Tuesday, according to a Reddit post.

Q13 News was alerted to the station by a parent, who ran across the station while scrolling through channels in the car.

"I was flipping through the station and then all the sudden I go, 'hold on a second, is that really saying what I think it's saying,'" parent Jill Scott said in a Facebook message to Q13 News.