Seattle Police create registry to help you stay safe during "swatting"

SEATTLE - Seattle Police say “swatting” has become such a prevalent issue that they created an online registry for community members to protect themselves.

Swatting is a potentially deadly prank where someone makes a false police report with the intentions of luring a large response to the victim’s home.

In December 2017, a man was killed in Wichita, KS following a swatting hoax.

This week, Shoreline Police say they responded to a call that turned out to be a hoax.

In response to swatting issues, Seattle Police created a registry through Rave Facility. The profile allows users who fear they may be a target for swatting to put their address online.

If a call comes in that is suspect for your address, 911 operators are able to check to see if your information is listed on the registry. First responders will still be sent to your location, however, they will have the knowledge that the call could be a hoax.

“Using the system has worked and it has saved lives,” said Russel St. Myers, 911 Operations Manager with Seattle Police.

Swatting is a crime that usually targets high-profile individuals.

The city also offers a service that allows everyone to create a profile with information that would help 911 operators during an emergency.

The Smart 911 Program allows you to add personal information that you want to share- like emergency contacts, if you have pets, and medical history- to help first responders.

Snohomish County also offers the Smart 911 Program.