Seattle residents can weigh in on Mayor Bruce Harrell's updated housing plan

Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell unveiled his new "One Seattle" housing plan, which looks at Seattle's expected growth in the coming years. 

This draft proposal is estimated to create at least 100,000 new units of housing over the next 20 years. 

Part of his plan is to add 24 new "neighborhood centers" within 800 feet of transit and commercial areas.

The plan also tackles a wide range of elements, including land use, transportation, economic development, climate and environment, parks and open space, arts and culture, and other things. 

Other components of the growth strategy and zoning include:

  • Encourage a greater diversity of housing types such as duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes, in Neighborhood Residential zones where only detached homes and accessory dwelling units are allowed today.
  • Allow development of six units on a lot if at least two units are affordable to low-income households and additional height for affordable housing projects within .25 mile of frequent transit.
  • Designate 24 new Neighborhood Centers with added housing capacity close to businesses and amenities that meet residents’ everyday needs within a short walk, bike, or transit trip.
  • Guide new housing to transit-served centers and expand the boundaries of seven existing centers so that more people can live in these walkable, mixed-use areas.
  • Tailor zoning in areas at high risk of displacement, reducing pressures on existing residents while promoting options to add new housing units on existing properties.
  • Allow more corner stores in Neighborhood Residential areas to support new businesses and complete neighborhoods where residents can meet their everyday needs.
  • Further our climate goals by prioritizing transit-oriented growth, reducing reliance on automobiles and building more complete, walkable neighborhoods.

You can also weigh in on the draft plan soon. 

The city of Seattle will be hosting several open houses for the plan. Residents can learn more about it and talk to city experts. See the schedule for open house events below or tap here. 

"The One Seattle Plan takes that type of deliberate and tailored approach – bringing a greater diversity of housing types to every neighborhood, uplifting the voices of neighbors and vulnerable communities, and building a city where teachers, baristas, and working families can afford to live. Combined with other ambitious elements of our One Seattle Housing Agenda like an expanded housing levy and efforts to speed up production of affordable housing, this bold plan is an important step forward as we seek to drive progress on the housing affordability and homelessness crises and create a city with complete neighborhoods where communities can live, work, and thrive," Harrell said in a statement.

You can see the whole draft plan here.