Sex offender facing voyeurism accusations released from jail

BREMERTON, Wash. -- Police say Duane Dejesus admitted to snapping 'upskirt' photos of teenage girls at the Wild Waves Theme Park in Federal Way last weekend, and he was convicted of similar crimes in 2007, so why is he out of jail and back home in Bremerton?

Federal Way police said that despite Dejesus’ confession, they need more time to investigate.

So, prosecutors had no choice but to let him out of jail.

“I have children,” said neighbor Callie Steward. “How do I know this man is not in my windows looking in, taking pictures?”

Steward worries for the children she baby-sits, as a convicted sex offender lives right next door.

“They’re home, they’re there with their families and people who are living next to this person, we just get to shake our heads, lock our doors and hope that he’s not doing anything to our children,” said Steward.

Dejesus, 33, was arrested last Saturday. Prosecutors say he admitted to taking upskirt pictures of young girls at Wild Waves.

Federal Way police are still gathering evidence and obtaining search warrants for their case, which means Dejesus was released for now.

“What happens in the meantime?” asked Steward. “What happens while they’re gathering evidence? He just gets to do this to more children?”

“You know he’s already been convicted of crimes that are exactly the same,” said neighbor Juanita Baxter. “I just don’t see how they can’t get a case together on this guy.”

Dejesus was convicted of voyeurism in 2007 for peering through the bedroom window of a 17-year-old girl.

Now that he’s facing similar accusations, neighbors are worried for their kids.

“The police aren’t doing anything,” said Steward. “No one’s doing anything to protect the families in this area.”

Court documents say Dejesus admitted that he’s in counseling for his problem.

Phone calls placed to the Bremerton Police Department asking how Dejesus will be monitored were not immediately returned.